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Updated and Tested April 17, 2018


This is a list of informational, orthotic devices, products, books, etc websites I hope will touch on some of the needs of  Polio Survivors. If you have any you would like to recommend, please let me know. Some of the services and products I have used personally. The best are those with a heart at the beginning of my comment or review. Please note these are not ads nor am I receiving any profits for the links you find here. All of the sites listed here appear to be well kept and honest. Keep in mind they are only "suggested" resources. 




As a result of Rotary's efforts, more than 2.5 billion children have received the oral polio vaccine. Since Rotary launched its PolioPlus campaign in 1985, the number of polio cases worldwide has dropped 99 percent, and the virus remains endemic in only three countries -- Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan.
















From Freeman's Website:

"At Freeman, service is as important today as it was when the company was founded over a century ago. Competitive pricing and timely delivery are a company tradition. We maintain an extensive inventory and make every effort to ship all orders the same business day they are received. Our customer service efforts are well known. Whether it's supplying product information or helping with a patient's special needs, we're always eager to find ways to serve you better"



I have recently made a purchase from this company and

will write a review at a later time of my personal experience.

UPDATE Apr 28, 2018

I had ordered a "Dorsolumbar Support" which was similar to the "Hoke Back Support" I wore as a child made at The Roosevelt Warm Springs Foundation Hospital in Warm Springs GA. Freeman shipped by 2 day Priority Mail. The support was made with quality material and straps were a strong Velcro. Unfortunately, I ordered a "small" and it appears I should have gone with a "medium". I called the company and they told me to return it but never said anything about an exchanged. I paid to have it shipped by 2 Day Priority Mail which they received as the tracking confirmed. For over a week I had no word from them. Communication was "zero". After I wrote a poor review I then received an email from them stating I would be refunded the full amount paid and a size medium was not in stock for at least 3 to 4 weeks. Why they did not notify me sooner, I have no idea. Being disappointed is putting it mildly.



POLIO TODAY.ORG is published by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. This website is designed to raise awareness of post-polio syndrome and to be a resource for polio survivors. Dr. Jonas Salk, who developed the first safe and effective polio vaccine, founded the Salk Institute in 1960.

A Non-Profit Organization - Made Possible Through Donations 





Hi-Trac Industries Inc




Amazon: RainGuard


Review from SurvivorsOfPolio. com : Apr 17, 2018

Several months ago I purchased crutch tips for two sets of crutches from Amazon. They were expensive but as the saying goes, "You get what you pay for." I feel secure with these tips and what sold me on them, It appears Mr. Evans made them for his wife who is a polio survivors!

Hi-Trac Industries, Inc. was created in 1980 by Joe Hood and Robert Evans Jr. to manufacture a product Bob was making by hand for his wife Patty.  Patty had polio at age 4 and has used crutches ever since.  She is now in her late 60's.  She was always slipping and falling when going outdoors in the winter time.  The ice and snow was a real problem for the crutches.  SnowBoots™ were invented, patented and have sold since 1980.  After that a few  years later, RainGuards™ were invented and are patent pending currently.  T  Hi-Trac is a small company and Patty is now the President as Bob has passed.  This is her sole income other than a small Social Security Check.  We hope you will support us and buy from Hi-Trac Industries, Inc.  (Excerpt from Amazon Storefront)