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I really do need your input to develop these pages. I'm a team player and a good listener or I guess I should say "reader". Your input will make a difference so send your comments, pictures, referrals to medical professionals, your biography, favorite links and whatever else you feel will be helpful to others. Unfortunately I am unable to provide you with advise nor do I have the knowledge to refer you to resources of finanacial support. It appears, and this is only my opinion, we Polio Survivors of the 21st Century are among the "forgotten". I know of no assistance as a polio survivor where we can get financial assistance for the adaptive devices we so desperately need. Forgive me that I cannot help other survivors.
As one gentleman said to me in an email which I was unable to answer,
"I am not asking for a handout, just assistance to be able to do for myself." The worse any able bodied person could ever do to a polio survivor is to think of us as "charity" cases. Most all of us through the years and done our level best not to be a burden to anyone but only ask for respect and assistance to maintain our own care."
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Polio Survivors in the 21st Century
The Forgotten Children Of The World From The 20th Century